Hand Screwdrivers

Hand Screwdrivers
Hand ScrewdriversHand ScrewdriversHand ScrewdriversHand ScrewdriversHand Screwdrivers
  • Various Models available to suit different tool applications and requirements.
  • Such as: Kraftform Stainless, Kraftform Plus Series, The Wera Chiseldriver, Kraftform Comfort Series, Kraftform Classic Series, Kraftform Micro Series, ESD series, T handle Series, Holding Tool Series, Vario Series, Kraftform Ratchet Series.

Features Include:

  • Kraftform: Excellent Grip, the shape is perfectly adapted to the palm and sits firmly in the hand. Every muscle will grip and the whole hand is in contact with the handle. The kraftform handle facilitates higher torque transfer with less effort but also turns easily in the hand since the hard zones move through the hand like smooth wheels when repositioning the hand on the handle. The result is more torque and more speed. The internal soft zones mean that the user doesnt have to expend any energy on shaping the handle
  • Kraftform Stainless Steel solves the problem of extaneous rust when working with stainless steel
  • Kraftform Ratchet is for fast and powerful screwdriving
  • ESD Series: for components at risk from static electrcity
  • Vario Series: The compact range for mobile use