Screwdriver Bits & Bit Holders

Screwdriver Bits & Bit Holders
Screwdriver Bits & Bit HoldersScrewdriver Bits & Bit Holders

All about bits: Various series, ranges, qualities and applications. Such as: Stainless Bits, BiTorison Bits, Diamond Coating for bits with bite, Bits with Titanium Nitride Coating, Hard Bits for Soft Screw Application, Hard and Tough Bits for Tough Screw Applications.

Universal Holders are the most important link between power tool and bit. They also permit the use of inexpensive standard tools. Wera offers a wide range of holders for all typres of screwdriver connection, in magnetic and non-magnetic versions, with Rapidaptor technology, Wera quickly-release chuck with or without retaining ring.

Such as: Rapidaptor, Rapidaptor with Stainless Steel, Ring Magnet Rapidaptor, Stainless Steel  Universal Holder with Retaining Ring, Copper-beryllium Universal holder with Retaining Ring, Magnetic Holders, Non-Magnetic Holders.

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