Serv Oil – Single Point Lubricators

Serv Oil – Single Point Lubricators
Serv Oil – Single Point LubricatorsServ Oil – Single Point LubricatorsServ Oil – Single Point LubricatorsServ Oil – Single Point Lubricators

SERV-OIL is the most advanced system for the precision lubrication of pneumatic equipment. It has been used for over thirty years to provide lubrication to all kinds of pneumatic equipment and various fixtures, bearings, slides and ways. It overcomes the control problems that can be encountered with conventional mist lubricators. It also ensures proper lubrication of pneumatic components in complex circuits, and accurately delivers lubricant to points at a long distance from lubricator.

Positive displacement oil injectors called Servo-Meters are the heart of Serv-Oil equipment. They put pre-determined, precise amounts of oil right at the points where lubrication is needed. By comparison, mist lubricators lack the precision and control of a Serv-Oil system.

With Serv-Oil equipment the amount of oil used is greatly reduced and lubrication is more effective because of the accuracy with which the oil is delivered.


The Serv-Oil Single Point Injection Lubricator for Air Tools is specifically designed to inject a predetermined amount of oil at the inlet of an air tool every time it cycles, every 5th cycle or every 10th cycle.

The Serv-Oil Single Point Downstream Injection Lubricator is designed to be installed downstream of control valve using a small nylon tube to deliver oil to desired lubrication point for cylinders, air motors, or other pnuematic equipment.

Both Single Point Injection Lubricators are offered in two port sizes, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch.  Dispensing volumes of .016 cc, .033 cc and .066 cc and adjustable from every cycle to every 10th cycle.  With the addition of another counter this can be increased to every 100th cycle.  Options of either a 10 oz. reservoir or no reservoir are available.